#BlogElul Day 12: Forgive

Few will argue that forgiveness is hard. Asking for it, giving it, realizing it is even BEING asked for by another. These images from a recent storyline on capture what many of us wish would be a more common experience.      ... read more

#BlogElul Day 11: Trust

Rabbis talk (and joke, and grumble, and roll their eyes skyward) about a condition known as “BT OCD”. Baal Teshuva – people who were not born into the Orthodox Jewish tradition but whose journey led them in that direction later in life – can get stuck in a cycle of repeated behaviors. Performing the ritual hand-washing over and over, because you are certain you missed a spot, or... read more

#BlogElul Day 10: Count

My son doesn’t count. Not that he CAN’T count, or WON’T count. He simply doesn’t count YET. For a minyan, I mean. You see, he’s 12. 12 1/2 actually. He’s counting the weeks, the days. In fact, there are times when he’s counting the hours until he can be included in the count for 10 adult Jewish men. Despite this, despite his status as Jew non grata, he still comes... read more

#BlogElul Day 9: See

Earlier, I blogged about Knowing, and how “I know” is a phrase that frequently closes us off. “I see” is the opposite. “I see” is the expression of dawning comprehension, of discovery. A less gutteral “aha!”. And then there’s the seeing we do when we say “We’ll see”. When we say “We’ll see” in sincerity, we tap into... read more

#BlogElul Day 8: Hear

One of the aspects of Selichot davening is the blowing of the shofar. Whereas Ashkenazim will blow the shofar once, at the end of regular morning services, Sephardim blow the shofar multiple times during Selichot prayers and then not at all during Shacharit. This year, both of my boys have taken on the responsibility of doing the shofar blowing. Because they are boys; and because they are MY boys, and... read more

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