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As we tip over from the mad rush of December and prepare to ease into another year, I like to take a minute to appreciate the hush and calm that comes after the rush and bustle of various holidays. This week after New Year I like to take a few moments to pause and regroup before diving into the new year. A chance to take stock, reflect, and think. And so I’ve held off until now to officially promote... read more

Waste Not

Image courtesy of Joel Robinson Last night I watched what might be a thought-changing, if not life-changing program: “The Big Waste”, on the Food Network. In it, four of the network’s star chefs explored ways to turn food that would otherwise have been thrown out into a gourmet dinner for 100 people. In the course of the 1-hour special these chefs visited grocery stores, specialty... read more

Will Not Sit Idly By

In general, this is a pretty light blog. I talk about food, about the Torah portion, and about some of my experiences in that big adventure called “Jewish Life”. I make every effort to keep the blog accessible to as many individuals as possible with regard to observance, gender and politics. But there are moments when current events are so tumultuous that not commenting would be a crime... read more