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EdibleTorah D’var Torah on PunkTorah

The great folks over on PunkTorah asked me to offer some Passover ideas. You can read all about it there. Here’s a taste, if you are curious: In the movie “The Princess Bride”, the heroine Buttercup negotiates what she believes is safety for her true love Wesley before she is whisked off as a prisoner. As she rides away, Wesley looks at his captors (who have no intention of honoring the bargain)... read more

Drash: Shabbat Shekalim (Parsha Pikudei)

I am not sure if I will be delivery the d’var Torah this week at shul. If I *do*, this is what I’m planning to say. In today’s portion we read: “These are the records of the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle of the Pact, which were drawn up at Moses’ bidding…” (Exo. 38:21) While I believe only the most OCD CPAs would want to audit Moses so many years after the fact, it... read more

D'var: Shemini

They needed someone to give the d’var Torah this week, and because Shemini has involves the laws of kashrut, I was tagged as a likely victi… I mean volunteer. Here is what I presented: *************** So here’s a brief summary of the portion: Aaron and his sons complete the lecture part of their “Priesthood 101” course, and move on to start their lab work. Everything is going... read more

D'var Metzorah 2008

Metzorah is the portion this week and is usually read together with last weeks’ portion of Tazria. I usually refer to the two as “the runny gushy sore portions”. In them we are regaled with laws regarding sores and lesions, eruptions on various parts of the body, discharges both regular and non and even afflictions which leap the boundary of the body and infect clothing, containers and... read more

No End to the Matter

“We need not be concerned that a weasel may have dragged [chametz] from house to house, or from place to place. For if so, [then let us be concerned] from courtyard to courtyard, and from town to town. There is [then] no end to the matter” (Mishnah Pesachim, Ch 1, Mishnah 2) I’m not really one to quote Talmud, but you just gotta love a book that has a bunch of Rabbis discussing weasels... read more

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