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What Do You Plan To Do About It?

Central to every service is the Amidah, the silent prayer, the prayer we say standing (and sometimes swaying with emotion and concentration) before our Master and the Creator of all things. Each weekday, Amidah is the central un-changing core of the 3 prayer times. Conversely, it is the change in the content of the Amidah which differentiates Shabbat from the rest of the week. In a way, the Amidah is the... read more

Shabbat Sukkot

This coming Friday we will celebrate Sukkot along with Shabbat. One of the traditions is to welcome a member of the “Ushpizin”, or honored guests, into your sukkah – one for each night of sukkot. The honored guests are traditionally Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Moses and Aaron; and Joseph and David. More recently noteable Jewish women have been added – women who either compliment... read more

In Support of Retelling the Story

Here in our cozy homes, secure in the womb of technology and modernity, surrounded by such effortless wealth and comfort that would dazzle King Solomon himself, it becomes difficult for many of us to justify retelling a story of a time so challenging, miserable and incomprehensible as the Exodus from Egypt (or the Shoah, or any extended period of communal strife). “Life is hard enough” we tell... read more

VIDEO: Passover Noir

In a couple of days, Passover is going to start, which means that right now, some Jewish families are frantically scrubbing their house down in an attempt to remove chametz, anything made with flour. If you are one of those families, and you are perhaps wondering (grumbling) about why it’s gotta be this way, this video may offer you a moment of amusement. Assuming you are a fan of stylistic film... read more

VIDEO: Best Seder in the USA

Just in time for Pesach, I’m posting a video from LAST year which was co-produced by JewishTreats and NJOP (the National Jewish Outreach Program) You can find JewishTreats on Twitter or on Facebook. You can find out more about NJOP on their website.  ... read more

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