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The P’shat and D’var of Challah

One Friday afternoon my wife and I were discussing some things I had learned at Torah study when I mentioned the concepts of p’shat (the plain text or simple story), and d’var (text extended with meaning and background, layered with insight that might be opinion but should make the portion more accessible to the reader). After hearing my somewhat labored explanation, my wife (who studies with... read more

GoingKosher: Latke Recipes!

Thanksgiving isn’t even done, but since Chanukah comes on fast and furious I thought I’d get a jump start with something I posted last year here. But last year I didn’t have a blog for cooking and recipes (yes, Virginia, it’s true). So this year, the latkes go there, and the Torah stays here. Sort of. In any case, you can click here to find the recipe for Sweet Potatoe Latkes. And... read more

CROSSPOST: "Beyond Bagels" on Tablet Magazine

Tablet Magazine’s review of “The Encyclopedia of Jewish Food” make a 650+ page book sound mouth-wateringly good. The podcast interview with the author doesn’t sound too bad either, including a response on the key question “what makes food Jewish in the first place?”. That podcast link also has a couple of recipes so it’s worth clicking through. And the book is the... read more


Recently Tablet Magazine ran an article titled “High on the Hog“, where it looked at the phenomenon of cuisine which purposely mixes not just meat and milk, but treif (forbidden foods) with foods considered to be part of the Jewish culinary spectrum (matzo balls, bagels, etc). Several of the speakers talk about cuisine a flexible medium, and a reflection of the cosmopolitan world we live in.... read more

RECIPE: "Crazy Cake" from LA Times

A friend passed this article¬† to me and I figured, since this is a blog vaguely related to food, that I would post the essentials here along with a link to the original article. Mad for crazy cake It contains no butter or eggs, is a cinch to make and comes out rich, moist and delicious. What’s not to like? During a recent visit with my sister and her family, we were invited to share Shabbat dinner... read more

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