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I glanced over at the gentleman to my right. As he stood, nose inches from the text, caught up in his prayers and oblivious to my gaze, my attention wandered to the cover of his siddur and remained there. Embedded into the cover was a compass. The elegant poetry of this design choice was immediately apparent and delightful in a way that brightened the rest of my day. It isn’t often that the tools we... read more


Hats off to The Rebbetzin Rocks for finding this one first: Happy Passover wishing you the robots of the R&D Institute for Intelligent Robotic Systems CS Department, College of Management Academic Studies, ISRAEL.... read more

No Comparison

Earlier this week I posted a comment about how Steve Jobs was showing off his “Tablet” just a week before we read the Torah portion Yitro, where the Israelites experienced the Revelation, receiving the 10 Commandments directly from the mouth of God, and the 2 Tablets of the Law (hereafter using the Hebrew name: “Luchos”) soon after. My good friend and blogger Phil Setnik pointed... read more

Links = Love

Here in the Internet, the coin of the realm is links (which ultimately lead to clicks.). So what better way to show your support of – and appreciation for – all things EdibleTorah? Why, by linking to it, of course!! So take a moment and post link to the Edible Torah on your web site. Your readers will appreciate knowing about another fantastic resource on the web, and you will feel good... read more

The Two Tablets of…

This just posted over at the website The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (aka “The Fake Steve Jobs”). It has so many great elements to play with intellectually – the intersection of technology and theological study, borderline blasphemy, implied idolotry, and more. I just HAD to share even though it had nothing to do with food. But since we are coming up soon on parsha Yitro – where the... read more