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(Sadly) Another Tzedakah Shabbat

I’m in transit this afternoon, but didn’t want this to wait until after Shabbat. In the portion we will read tomorrow morning, we find: When any of you presents an offering of cattle to the Lord… When a person presents an offering of meal to the Lord… When you present an offering of meal baked in the oven, If your offering is a meal offering on a griddle… If his offering is a... read more

Shabbat Haiti

Recently, I blogged about the way my family collects tzedakah, and our annual Chanukah tradition for dispensing the funds we collect through the year. I also wrote about one particular Shabbat, when we decided the funds should be allocated ahead of schedule to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina. This week, as friends and family gathered around the table to read about the plagues that God sent... read more

Flashback: Shabbat Katrina

The following essay was written in September of 2005, shortly after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast. I’m posting it now because themes of charity loom large at this time of year. I think that we are faced with a crisis that is at once larger and more intangible than a hurricane. There is no single geographic area to which we can point, no state border across which you can find “aid... read more