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VIDEO: Passover Noir

In a couple of days, Passover is going to start, which means that right now, some Jewish families are frantically scrubbing their house down in an attempt to remove chametz, anything made with flour. If you are one of those families, and you are perhaps wondering (grumbling) about why it’s gotta be this way, this video may offer you a moment of amusement. Assuming you are a fan of stylistic film... read more

VIDEO: Best Seder in the USA

Just in time for Pesach, I’m posting a video from LAST year which was co-produced by JewishTreats and NJOP (the National Jewish Outreach Program) You can find JewishTreats on Twitter or on Facebook. You can find out more about NJOP on their website.  ... read more

VIDEO: Good Shabbos!

Something to help you ease into the mood – a Shabbat-compliant arrangement (all sounds created by human voices, albeit electronically mixed after that) by the group... read more

VIDEO: Animated Purim

This is a really nice video from that gives a quick (5 minute) overview of what Purim is about that goes beyond the trite and relatively pediatric treatments the holiday often gets. Enjoy!... read more

VIDEO: Early Shabbat

We’re on the other side of the time change, so Shabbat’s are getting later now (according to HebCal, it starts at 4:53pm this week. How will I ever manage to stay up that late?) but that doesn’t stop them from feeling just like this: It’s all good (it’s Shabbat, after all!) but still, it would be nice if I had gardening neighbors, bakers and yes, even winos just handing me... read more

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