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The 49-day Omer Blogging Challenge

My friend “Mada” (her blogging name) is obsession with devoted to lists, She recently completed a “30 Day Music Challenge” and regularly posts her “top 10 of <whatever year it is>”. Yesterday, she announced she is going to start a 30-day blogging challenge, which a different writing topic each day. Inspired by her example, I am starting a 49-day “Blog the... read more

Good Morning, Atlanta!

Anyone who subscribes to the weekly EdibleTorah email Newsletter may remember that the Atlanta Jewish Times published one of my essays last month – a version of this post from over on GoingKosher. Well, I was delighted to find out that in today’s edition they have also published a profile on So first, I want to say “Bruchim HaBa’im” – welcome – to... read more

On Writing, and On Praying

I received a comment in response to my “Riding Uphill” posts (here and here): “I guess I’m just not someone who prays. It’s probably something you’ve either got or you don’t.” The comment stuck with me because it echoed the thoughts in “On Writing, Not Writing, and the Writing Life” by Kathryne Young (which I had just read, following a link on... read more

Introduction to… Torah

A few years ago my friend Noah – an incredible songwriter and also a poet in his own right – introduced me to a Billy Collins piece, “Introduction to Poetry” (you can read it here). I always thought the ideas Mr. Collins conveyed were equally appropriate for Torah study and a very particular type of learning session many of us find ourselves leading. With sincere respect for Mr.... read more