#BlogElul Day 15: Change

If you are reading this series in sequence, as it comes out, then today is Sunday. If it’s not, you’ll have to bear with me a little, because this post is all about Shabbat – meaning Saturday. You could probably get by if you just thought back to the last Saturday you can remember. Hopefully it was less than 8 days ago. So, what DID you do on Shabbat? And yes, I’m going THERE. The... read more

#BlogElul Day 14: Learn

I get hung up about language sometimes. My kids were never permitted to say “pesgetti” or “libary”. I have to catch myself to avoid correcting people when they say “General consensus” or claim that they feel “nauseous”. So when I really started to get involved in my Judaism I was bewildered and somewhat annoyed by the use of the word “learn”. I... read more

#BlogElul Day 13: Remember

The month of Elul is one of those points in the year when the differences in minhagim (traditions)between Ashkenazi Jews (those of German and northern European heritage) and Sephardi Jews (those of Spanish and Mediterranian heritage) is thrown into sharp relief. Ashkenazim don’t include Selichot prayers until the final week before Rosh Hashana; Sephardim begin them at the start of Elul, a full month... read more

#BlogElul Day 12: Forgive

Few will argue that forgiveness is hard. Asking for it, giving it, realizing it is even BEING asked for by another. These images from a recent storyline on capture what many of us wish would be a more common experience.      ... read more

#BlogElul Day 11: Trust

Rabbis talk (and joke, and grumble, and roll their eyes skyward) about a condition known as “BT OCD”. Baal Teshuva – people who were not born into the Orthodox Jewish tradition but whose journey led them in that direction later in life – can get stuck in a cycle of repeated behaviors. Performing the ritual hand-washing over and over, because you are certain you missed a spot, or... read more

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