OmerChallenge: Day 0

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was inspired to try a blogging challenge, but (of course) with a Jewish twist. While I didn’t put the word “Jewish” into each of these items (I tried, but it got annoyingly repetetive), you can expect that each one will be somehow related to Judaism in general and/or my Jewish experience, because this isn’t an “all about me” blog.... read more

The 49-day Omer Blogging Challenge

My friend “Mada” (her blogging name) is obsession with devoted to lists, She recently completed a “30 Day Music Challenge” and regularly posts her “top 10 of <whatever year it is>”. Yesterday, she announced she is going to start a 30-day blogging challenge, which a different writing topic each day. Inspired by her example, I am starting a 49-day “Blog the... read more