Making Demands

Here’s a repost of an item I just wrote for OneShul: There are 4 mitzvot associated with Purim: Hearing the Megillah Eating a festive meal Sharing food with friends (Mishloach manot) Giving tzedakah With regard to tzedakah, it is the ONE time of year when, if someone comes to your door asking for tzedakah, you MAY NOT ask them for their reference (in many communities you usually ask to see their... read more

Of Prayers and Potholders

Most weekday mornings I hang out with a great bunch of guys. They are down to earth, come-as-you-are, non-judgemental and yet also passionate about and committed to their Judaism. They appreciate differences. They accept people for where they are in the Jewish spectrum. They also pray like a heavy machinery auctioneer hopped up on a combination of Jolt Cola and 4 shots of triple-espresso. By contrast (at... read more