Shabbat Noah (Gen. 6:9 – 11:32)

Courtesy of Julie Seltzer and The tale of Noah, like all truly great stories, is simple and also deceptively complex. Along with the many layers of the story, there is – I discovered this year – actually TWO versions competing for your attention. In one version, the world had become corrupt, but Noah “seemed good in God’s eyes”. Noah takes seven pairs of... read more

Shabbat Sukkot

This coming Friday we will celebrate Sukkot along with Shabbat. One of the traditions is to welcome a member of the “Ushpizin”, or honored guests, into your sukkah – one for each night of sukkot. The honored guests are traditionally Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; Moses and Aaron; and Joseph and David. More recently noteable Jewish women have been added – women who either compliment... read more

Ha’Azinu (Deuteronomy 32:1 – 32:52)

In the portion this week, Moses teaches the song (or poem, depending on how you interpret it) to the Israelites, the one that describes what is going to happen to them (entering the land, turning away from God, getting clobbered with curses, returning to God generations later). This song is intended to be a lifeline to that future generation, the instruction that will tell them – when they are ready... read more

Shabbat Matot-Ma’asei (Numbers 30:2 – 36:13)

It’s the end of the book of Numbers, . Rather than focus on the specifics of this portion, we thought we would try to recap the entire experience of Bamidbar in the meal this week. So, limited only by the category of food assigned and your bountiful creativity, please bring a dish based on the character which matches the assignment (or perhaps bring a dish as it might have been prepared BY that... read more

Shabbat Pinchas (Numbers 25:10 – 30:1)

In addition to the dramatic events left over from last week (Israelites being tempted into idolatry and adultery by Midianite showgirls, culminating in one couple attempting to have relations in the Tent of Meeting itself, only to be thwarted (not to mention skewered where they lay) by Pinchas, we hear about the divvying up of the Promised Land. This leads to a conundrum for 5 tribeswomen – the... read more

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