Jewish Journeys: Imperceptible Motion, Monumental Movement

photo credit: simonsterg We are all on a journey, whether we know it or not. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to notice that we are moving, until we look back: It’s a Saturday morning in March, 2011. I’m standing outside my new home – where lights had been carefully set the night before and will remain unchanged all day –  while my wife locks the door before we enjoy the... read more

Why Weren’t You More Like…

A classic story tells about the great Chassidic Rabbi Zusha, who was found agitated and upset as he lay on deathbed. His students asked, “Rebbe, why are you so sad? After all the the great things you have accomplished, your place in heaven is assured!” “I’m afraid!” Zusha replied, “Because when I get to heaven, God won’t ask me ‘Why weren’t you more... read more