What Do You Plan To Do About It?

Central to every service is the Amidah, the silent prayer, the prayer we say standing (and sometimes swaying with emotion and concentration) before our Master and the Creator of all things. Each weekday, Amidah is the central un-changing core of the 3 prayer times. Conversely, it is the change in the content of the Amidah which differentiates Shabbat from the rest of the week. In a way, the Amidah is the... read more

VIDEO: More for Rosh Hashana

Here’s another video to get you psyched up for the upcoming Days of Awe. This time from JewishTreats and National Jewish Outreach Program... read more

Empty Frames

This morning, I posted a video from Aish Holiday video fever is very high here at EdibleTorah HQ after this Facebook post appeared a few days ago on the Maccabeats fan page:   The Maccabeats It’s about time we release a new video, what do you think? I believe the release of a Rosh Hashanah is imminent. Other groups have realized the buzz created by the Maccabeats, and that this is not a... read more

VIDEO: Rosh Hashana

Part of the month of Elul is thinking about the past – how I’ve done this year, where I could have improved. But part is also looking ahead. The video “Rosh Hashanah” from Aish HaTorah helps you do just that. Enjoy! watch?v=T_M5-qthA8w You can also view the video, along with lyrics and background information over here on YouTube .... read more