About once a month, I travel out of town for work. Usually, I catch a 6am flight out and – through the magic of time zones – arrive at my desk at corporate HQ by 8am. This week happened to be a travel week. The one difference is that I didn’t get to daven Selichot with the group of guys this morning. I was up at the right hour (2 hours earlier, in fact), but since I had to be across town... read more

Five A.M. and Awesome

Picking up the “awesome” theme from the other day. This morning I got up before dawn and stumbled over to one of the local synagogues to meet up with a few other bleary-eyed Sephardi guys to pray Selichot. I’ve been doing this since Sunday (my first Selichot service ever – say a Shehechianu, everyone!) although we started at a more reasonable 7am on that day (as well as Monday... read more